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Dear Classmate,

Congratulations! That you are here means that you have received the Reunion Yearbook Package in the mail and decided to contribute your bio update, essay and photo electronically.

It is a very easy process – and there is the added benefit of your being able to come back, in the next few months, to your personal profile to polish your essay or even add a new grandchild to the list.
Step 1 - To begin, you must first login into the yearbook website.  If you haven't already established a username and password for the website then you will need to go to the "First-time Signup" page and use your Alumni ID# to setup up your account.   The Alumni ID# is the ten-digit number found on the mailing label of your Princeton Alumni Weekly.  Don't worry if you don't have a PAW handy.  The instructions will tell you other ways to determine the number.   The Alumni ID# validates you as a member of the Class of 1956 and allows you to setup a...
User Name: This could be one you already use, perhaps the first part of your e-mail address. Anything that is easy to remember. Then you need to go to the third box to establish your . . .

Password: Again, this can be one you already use for other Internet locations, or one you can easily remember.
Step 2 - Once you have logged in, you can start updating your yearbook profile information.  Go to the list of links on the left of the page and click on "My Yearbook Entry", or use the orange button to the right that says "Update Yearbook Entry."  This will take you to a set of pages about you. Each page has its own tab across the top — Personal, Family, Photos and so forth. Don't forget the one that asks you to name a Princeton Faculty member who had a significant influence on your life, and why.
Step 3 - Now the only thing left is the Anonymous Survey, and this is something you can’t return to — you have to do it in one sitting to preserve the anonymity. I strongly suggest you read over the paper version you received in your Yearbook Package before you go to this section of the website. You’ll be familiar with it, and maybe even have checked your choices to guide you. You’ll be saving your reunion book volunteers a lot of time when you do this online.
Step 4 - Now go back to our Class Website and get all the latest information about our upcoming 50th reunion.
And now you are done! Wasn’t it easy?

Again, congratulations and thanks for contributing online. You are now part of the best 50th Reunion Yearbook ever at Princeton!

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